Voices From Outside the Box

Part I

Friday, October 30, 2020

10:00 am Presentation on Zoom
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Presented by Vidita Kanniks

More about our presenter here.

About the Series:

From the very minute COVID-19 arrived on US soil and Independent Music Teachers heard the news – they mobilized and moved into action. Without their swift and creative moves – literally all music participation would have come to an abrupt halt. It was the ingenuity and proactive approach they took that enabled thousands to continue their music participation, without “missing a beat”!

Creative, inspired “outside the box” thinking need not only occur when there is a panic and/or pandemic – it can happen all of the time – it can happen when one least expects it, but is open to new and uncharted territory.

The SWOMTA 2020-2021 Program Series: “Voices from Outside the Box” will feature guest speakers who are exploring, what some would say to be “outside of the box” thinking. Hearing the personal stories and narratives from these guests we hope will inspire all of us to peek outside the box and begin exploring how broadening perspective is necessary to move into the next years and to think and work globally, as well as locally.

One of the most important first steps in developing some “out of the box” thinking and unpack the incredible landscape of music teaching options is to recognize the potential hidden inside the concepts of “diverse music education” and “collaboration”, de-siloing the independent studio and becoming an “inter-dependent” studio standing and working together, rather than alone.

The music teaching industry is not alone in their quest to bring equitable access to all people and to understand the systemic inequalities that exist in our world – even in the Independent Music Teacher studio. Western European music dominates the pedagogy of our studios and it is worth the exploration of how we got here. To understand this statement and the wide discrepancies and inequities experienced by many, we would encourage you to look at these two short Videos:

Music Theory and White Supremacy

Beethoven Sucks at Music