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OhioMTA Fall Conference
November 3-5, 2016
Kent State University Conference Center

The OhioMTA state conference was an inspiring conference! Several of our Southwest District members attended. In addition, the CCM Collegiate Chapter had a poster presented by Adam Mayon (CCM Chapter President), Andy Villemez performed the Composer of the Year piece, and Clinton Pratt presented in the Lighting Talks. Congratulations to Richard Van Dyke, the 2016 MTNA Foundation Fellow for Ohio.
Congratulations to the MTNA 25-year members from our district: Benita Leung, Jackson Leung, Jessica Madsen, Carolyn Miller, Jewel Smith
Congratulations to the newly certified teachers from our district: Brianna Matzke, Peter Oehrtman

                                    Alan Fraser              








                                   Peter Mack

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