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Showcase Recital
Saturday, May 20, 2017
Werner Recital Hall
University of Cincinnati CCM

An annual public recital showcasing the very best student performers in our district.

Recital 1

12:45 PM
Not listed in recital order

Caterina S- Jessica Madsen
Sachet A- Jessica Madsen
Senuka A-Jessica Madsen
Aarna K- Jessica Madsen
Lucia H-Jessica Madsen
Maddie S-Kate Krueger
Isabelle R-Kate Krueger
Michelle Li-Chia Ju He
Leo L-Chia Ju He

Recital 2 

2:15 PM
Not listed in recital order

Maria W- John and Suzanne Carpenter
Benjamin A-F- Jewel Smith
Megan R-Darlene Suggs
Isabella R-Youking Chou
Andrew H-Youking Chou
Sarah H-Amy Immerman
Remy I-David Warf
Clara D-Brianna Matzke
Autumn H-Kate Krueger


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