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Fall Conference 2017

“We’re All On the Same Team”
Developing Student Musicians in Community

Sunday, November 12th, 1:00 – 7:30 pm


The Fall Conference is free and open to any area music teacher.

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Mary Emery Hall


1:00 – Opening Remarks
Darlene L. Suggs, OMTA-SW Vice President of Programs
Room 3250

1:05 – We’re On the Same Team: Developing Artistry in Student Musicians Through OMEA and OhioMTA
A brief description of programs in each organization, followed by a discussion of how these organizations can work together.
Terry Herschman, OMEA Past-President
Richard Van Dyke, OMTA Past-President
Room 3250

1:45 [Panel] Come Together: How School & Private Teachers Can Complement Each Other
Brianna Matzke (moderator); Katie Personke (former school teacher/now private); Jennifer Northcut (flautist), Stephanie Jones (Mason HS orchestra), Jon Noworyta (former school teacher)
Room 3250

2:45 & 3:15 Split Sessions
Pick one, then go to the other!
Baur Room: Masterclass on how to prepare for evaluations
Piano Sensei Clinton Pratt and student; Kate Krueger (voice teacher) and student
3250: Becoming Professionally Certified Through MTNA
Melissa Curtice, MTNA Membership Processing and Certification Manager

3:45 Break

4:00 Chamber music performance
Room 3250

5:00 Dinner buffet
Baur Room

6:15 Competing With Sports: Recruitment/Retention Strategies Adapted For Music
Adam Mayon, CCM-MTNA President

7:15 Closing remarks – Brianna Matzke, OMTA-SW President


BBQ Dinner Buffet available - Dinner purchase due on or before November 3rd

Conference pre-registration encouraged; walk-in registrations accepted

Questions? Contact Darlene Suggs at

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