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Music instruction encompasses an extremely broad and remarkably diverse landscape. There are College Faculty, Artist Teachers, and Independent Music Teachers. And, where they teach, is equally expansive; there are Schools of Music, Departments of Music, music teachers who teach in a home studio, a remote studio, virtually, and in students’ homes. This innumerable group of teachers teach the Well-Elderly, Preschool, Pre-College, College, and Special Needs populations, such as developmentally disabled and Alzheimer’s patients.

What is most important?  CHOOSING A QUALIFIED MUSIC TEACHER!  How do you do that? You have come to the right place! 

To get you started on how to choose a qualified music teacher, here is the link to the Music Teachers National Association “How to Choose a Music Teacher” Resource.

Below is a list of teachers who are members in good standing of the OhioMTA Southwest District, Ohio Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association. 

MTNA Professional Certification (NCTM)

Certification is a process that validates an individual's qualifications for a specific field of professional practice.

The MTNA Professional Certification program exists for teachers who teach music to students of any age level in private or group settings. The program is based upon a set of five standards defining what a competent music teacher should know and be able to do. Upon fulfillment of these standards, applicants are granted the MTNA Professional Certification credential with the designation, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM).

To maintain the MTNA Professional Certification credential and designation, NCTM must continue fulfilling the program's standards through the renewal process.