Grant Helps Send Miami University Chapter to MTNA

This past April, members of the Miami University Collegiate Chapter were able to attend the MTNA national conference in San Antonia, Texas, due in part to the $1,000 grant they received from our Southwest District of OhioMTA. Each year, our district gives a grant to a local collegiate chapter for them to use to attend conferences, fund projects, or anything else they need. Pictured here are the 5 collegiate members from Miami, from left to right: Shi Yong Yu, Linya Hai, Cynthia Tao, Wenjia Nie, and Guqi Zhang. Pictured below are members of the chapter along with their advisor Dr. Lian Tan and Randall Faber, well-known composer, author, teacher, pianist, and clinician. From left to right: Wen

One of Those "Wow!" Books

Just a few pages into The Perfect Wrong Note by William Westney I found myself thinking, “This is terrific; I wish I’d read this years ago!” and “I’ve got to let (an adult student) read this when I’m done,” and “I should tell (my colleague) to order a copy.” This isn’t my typical response to nonfiction literature, but Westney’s exploration the joy of music is one of those “Wow!” books. A concert pianist, teacher, professor, speaker and clinician, the author draws from his life experience and research to examine mind/body/spirit integration in music. He writes with eloquence, and his sincerity and sensitivity to the inner self of the musician shine through. In the very first chapter, “Music

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