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OMTA SouthWest District Member Spotlight: Miranda Meek

Member Spotlight: Getting to Know Miranda Meek, Music Teacher Extraordinaire at Piano Sensei

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Miranda Meek, one of the talented music educators at Piano Sensei located in the picturesque Mt. Washington area.

Through our conversation, we gained insights into Miranda's diverse interests, background, and passion for music education. Here's what she had to share:

Hi Miranda, thank you so much for agreeing to participate as a Member Spotlight. Can you share your role at your piano studio and what inspires you as a teacher?

At Piano Sensei, I have the wonderful opportunity to inspire students of all ages on their musical journeys. Whether guiding beginners or honing the skills of more advanced players, I find immense joy in witnessing the growth and development of each student's musical abilities.

Sounds like you really enjoy teaching. If your career path hadn't led you to music education, what alternative profession would you pursue?

If I weren't immersed in the world of music education, I would likely be found in the realm of English teaching or perhaps pursuing my dream of becoming an author. The power of storytelling and language has always captivated me, and I believe these passions enrich my approach to teaching music.

It's fascinating to hear about your passion for English and how it influences your approach to teaching music. Beyond lessons, could you share some of your other hobbies and interests?

Outside of teaching, I indulge in a variety of hobbies that feed my creativity and sense of adventure. From exploring the great outdoors to nurturing my garden and enjoying the magic of musical theater, these activities inspire me and often find their way into my teaching repertoire.

What motivated you to join MTNA, and how has your membership contributed to your professional growth?

I made the decision to join MTNA to access the wealth of professional development opportunities it offers. Continual learning and growth are essential in any profession, and MTNA provides valuable resources that help me stay informed and inspired as an educator.

Could you elaborate on your early musical ventures and how they have influenced your journey as a musician and educator?

My journey in music began with a unique first job experience, where my family and I would entertain residents in retirement homes and hospice care settings. This formative experience instilled in me a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music and its ability to bring comfort and joy to others.

I was drawn to a career in music after a life-changing festival honor band experience. Music has always felt like an intrinsic part of who I am, guiding me along a fulfilling path where I can share my love for music with others.

It is evident that family plays a significant role in your life. Could you share insights into how you manage to balance your passion for teaching with spending quality time with your loved ones?

Finding balance between my passion for music and cherished family time is paramount to me. My ideal Saturday consists of simple pleasures like sleeping in, enjoying brunch with friends, and spending quality time with my loved ones amidst nature's beauty.

OK, now for some fun questions. What is something unique about you that others might be surprised to learn about you?

Despite my appearance, many are surprised to learn that I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. This diverse background has shaped my worldview and added rich layers to my identity as a musician and educator.

What a unique experience and a special experience to share with your students! Do you have anything on your bucket list to add?

Rather than adhering to a traditional bucket list, I prefer to embrace spontaneity and follow my whimsical spirit. My current project involves learning to play the violin, a thrilling endeavor that aligns with my love for exploring new musical horizons.

As our interview comes to a close, it's been truly fascinating learning more about you. To wrap up, if we were to take a peek inside your refrigerator, what items might we expect to find?

If you peeked into my refrigerator, you'd always find essentials like milk, cheese, berries, and yogurt—nourishing staples that sustain me through busy days of teaching and creativity.

Through our conversation with Miranda, it's evident that her dedication to music education extends far beyond the studio. Her diverse interests, genuine passion, and adventurous spirit are just a few of the qualities that make her a valued member of the MTNA community. We look forward to witnessing the continued impact of her work and the inspiration she brings to students of all ages.

To continue the conversation or explore more about Miranda's work, you can connect with her through


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