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Ohio-MTA SouthWest Member Spotlight: Michael Delfin

Insights from a Music Educator: A Conversation with Michael Delfin

We are delighted to share an interesting interview with Michael Delfin!

Q: So, where do you teach these days, and what's your studio like?

Michael: I teach at Cedarville University as Adjunct Professor of Piano and Organ, and at the CCM Preparatory Division as Lecturer of Piano. I also had a short stint teaching harpsichord at CCM last semester.

Q: If music hadn't been your path, what other adventures might you have pursued?

Michael: If I were not a musician, I would be an astronomer or a theologian, but honestly I cannot imagine my life without music. I would be completely unrecognizable as a person.

Q: Aside from music, what's your go-to for unwinding or finding inspiration?

Michael: I very much enjoy cooking, and a good run or cycling outing in the woods always brings some inner renewal.

Q: We are so glad to have you as a part of the MTNA. What made you decide to join?

Michael: To better understand the role music teachers play in sharing music with their many students - and how many roles teachers need to play as teachers!

Q: Well again, we are glad to have you! What was your very first job?

A: School accompanist at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, a role I still hold dear to my heart.

Q: Describe your perfect Saturday.

A: A cup of good coffee with my wife and son, a walk, practicing, playing with my son, and playing a concert.

Q: What motivated you to pursue this career?

A: The moments when students' eyes light up when they understand the music more keenly and hear the difference in their own playing.

Q: Alright, what's a peek into your fridge likely to reveal?

A: Depends on the week - there's always an interesting cuisine in store! (But undoubtedly Latin American food ingredients, the food of my ancestors).

Q: Share something unexpected about yourself.

A: I flew an airplane in high school!

Q: Lastly, what's a recent bucket list experience you've checked off?

A: Performing multi-keyboard recitals on established concert series - something I never thought I'd do when I picked up historical keyboards.

Michael Delfin is indeed a repository of knowledge regarding the musical history of instruments like the piano, organ, and harpsichord. His presence is a valuable asset to OhioMTA-SW, and we are thankful for his membership!


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